Recently purchased our home which has 3 lovely decks which the previous owners painted with DeckOver. Who am I buying my boards from? And then another couple of weeks later the problems really started in. Feel more should be done to help with redoing it. It does get direct sunlight most of the day as it is Southeastern exposure. It took days to remove pealing paint. You will be sorry! We prepped as instructed. It looks like paint, not like a deck stain. It is a 25 year old covered deck with little wear, no barbecuing, etc. I have scraped those portions of my deck that are bubbling or wrinkling 3 times now, and the problem keeps returning. which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. Read More…. BEHR Premium Textured DECKOVER is an innovative solid color coating. Manufacturer: Behr, Test Deck Stats: Need more DIY ideas? We spent around 38 hours just find the Best behr deck over Review for you and based on the complete research we have selected that KILZ Interior/Exterior Enamel Porch & Patio Latex Floor Paint, Low-Lustre, Slate Gray, 1 gallon is the suitable for you. But I will always share my honest opinions of a product. Relatively new boards in perfect condition, old boards, there’s no difference–it’s bubbling everywhere. I don’t think this product is a cure all for an uncovered deck. Cleanup: Water 5 gal. The painter used all the paint so I do not have a can or lid and just telling them that I used this color and bought this many gallons is not enough proof for them. Ruined my deck and now cost to restore is astronomical. Update: May 20, 2020-  Tons of questions about how we fixed our deck! Article from Less than a year later, I get a call that it’s peeling. Good luck with your project! – Behr applies like thick paint and helps to fill cracks and conceal splinters. 572. I replaced a vast majority of my boards last fall as many had rotted under the product plus a lot of peeling. I’m glad to hear that Behr was willing to replace the paint though- maybe another coat will do the trick? I was blowing it off to put down a rug and it just came off. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. What a waste! 7. It’s like the dirt was attracted to the paint. I am not being paid to say this. It is very high traffic, primarily how we enter and exit the house. Sand down any rough or splintered areas after the deck has dried and blow off all debris, dust, small wood pieces, dirt that may have settled after the cleaning. But… what about the railings/spindles? Last summer my DIY hubby restored our 20+ year old back deck with an amazing product from Behr Paint. Please feel free to use up to 3 of the images on this site- just don't alter them or remove the watermarks without my written permission first. Wood or carb . Tried that. I’d love to tear it down, but Michael (my husband) is pretty set on keeping it and trying to figure out a solution. Ours is still a mess. It is a dirty, dusty, back breaking, sore muscles work hard over several days to a week to get down to the wood and prepare your deck for another finish. Deck Square Footage: 400 Square feet Once applied, I certainly do not want or have to repaint yearly. This stuff is garbage..did it perfect to the instructions. The new BEHR PREMIUM ADVANCED DECKOVER ® TEXTURED resurfaces properly prepared weathered wood and concrete by filling-in cracks and taming splinters, extending the life of your deck and living space so you can enjoy the outdoors. If you go back … We let the wood season for a year and then the following summer we cleaned the deck perfectly with the Behr deck cleaner. Social Sharing I should have done this years ago. UV Exposure: Full sun I purchased the produce at Home depot. These DIY homeowners are back with an update. I read feedback as to just how thick all these products can be, Hence Im now leaning toward the Smooth finish instead. Looks Brand New : Deck Restore FAIL In My Own Style. It's a really large deck and hope if we use Deckover, it will last for several years, and not waste our time and dollars for something we'll be disappointed in. One last thing – if power washing, turn the pressure down!! All of the fascia is still in perfect condition. Home Decor. *All products tested and results are from our experience. It’s the consistency of concrete, it has sand in it, it’s flat and dull and the color shipped was not the color of the online swab. Deckover is the worst!! Deck Wood Type: Untreated Pressure Treated Pine Dock Supposed to also be reimbursed for the initial cans of paint I bought. It creates a slip-resistant, waterproof coating that resists cracking and peeling. It’s a large deck with spindles so removing the paint will be a horrendous mess. Thanks for visiting Avenue Laurel! I don’t know how Behr gets away with the false advertising of this product. it’s just bubbling and peeling off. All 4 of our decks are rotting and need replaced. I hired a contractor to help repair the damage. Furthermore, it did not provide great coverage. BEHR PREMIUM DECK-OVER. Most has peeled off. Jun 17, 2014 - Behr Deckover Product Review. I am a Stager and feel terrible that I have recommended this product to many of my clients. Behr has graciously offered to supply me with more DeckOver – warrantied for a whole year. Now the deck is bloated and rotting. Do not waste your hard earned money or time with this garbage! Will never ever use again. The substrate must be solid, clean, free of all loose, peeling or flaking finish. It has … Now the task to remove the paint has started and getting the paint off has been a nightmare! Also, I can look into shipping the Solid Stain to you; at no additional cost. When we initially put it on as per instructions, it was great. Photos available on request. We did everything manufacturers told us to do and did it a second time. Agreed this product is crap! Stain Color Used: Cedar tinted. Georgia weather is not forgiving, and the sun is brutal on this … It did a great job of filling in the cracks, crevices and evening out deck boards. Trying to figure out what to do. Behr preys on Do it yourselfer’s. Now what?? – This would be tough to fix and may not be worth it to recoat with the same product. The pool is partially in full sun and partially shaded in the heat of the day? Don’t use it. It started to peel everywhere. Since then I’ve received more questions about that post than any other. Your email address will not be published. We then painted the fence, front and back with Deckover. I appreciate all the feedback from everyone. OK, whatever! As far as prep, today I used some pool chlorine 1 to 3 mix with water along with a bit of dishwashing liquid. Any professional painter I’ve talked too lately said they would never offer this junk to their customers. everything we were told to do. I’ve had such amazing luck with Behr indoor paints that I won’t use anything else–I’ve been a Behr loyalist for years–until now. Armstrong Clark Wood Deck Stain Review 2020, Pittsburgh Paramount Exterior Wood Stain Review, Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper Booster @ Thickening Gel Review, Restore-A-Deck Deck Stain Stripper Review, Behr Premium Stain and Finisher Stripper Review, Behr Deckover, Olympic Rescue-It, Rust-Oleum Deck Restore –…, Class Action Lawsuit against Rust-Oleum Deck Restore, Rust-Oleum Deck Restore Review Updated 2020, Synta (Rust-Oleum) Deck Restore Stain Review, Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain for Exotic Hardwoods Review, Messmers UV Plus for Hardwoods Stain Review, Flood Pro Series Solid Color Stain Review, Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Solid Color Stain Review, The 6 Best Deck Stain Reviews and Ratings, Best Semi-Transparent Deck Stain Reviews 2020, Best Deck Prep? I would not recommend this to anyone. Feel free to also submit a Star Rating on the Behr Deckover coating. Our deck is 20 x 20. Taking all the coating off down to the bare wood and then plan to paint. Synta (Rust-Oleum) Deck Restore Stain Review. If using the Deckover, use the primer they suggest. Like you, we power washed, but ours was in such poor shape that probably 50% of the remaining paint came right off. For me, is it to use The Behr Advanced Deck or go looking for some off brand? Bubbling. Since the article was first originally published, we have had numerous comments from consumers who have used the Deckover and have had a terrible experience with peeling and failure. So we sanded the deck down and applied the new paint. I to used deck over last year on my back deck and very disappointed one year later all peeling, I also did all the prep work horrible paint. This is obviously not a cheap endeavor. But that’s not the point of my post. We just finished using the DeckOver, would not recommend it. 6 years ago. I must admit that I am totally dissatisfied with this Deck Over. I’ve painted my own large front wrap-around porch, as well as the back stairs, both about 8 years ago. Three years later we're still impressed with it. Many boards now replaced due to rot. After first year it began to peel. Customer's experience with Behr paint: "I wasted my time and money on the stripping, prep, and application. If you like this video PLEASE Subscribe! Had to scrub to remove. Oh also, I am not a deck pro or anything. It has bad reviews as well. Comment. Please credit the images back to this site if you use them. . Color name/ ID (or select a new color) This happened to the deck on the home we just bought. You will have to power sand off a solid stain ... Hello – My treated pine deck is over 30 years ... Now I understand that in my state, California, the low ... TWP 100 Pro Series Wood and Deck Stain Review 2020, 62,000+ Questions, Answers, and Consumer Product Reviews. Damn new top on my deck. Barb, I’m sorry for your trouble with this! Sanding doesn’t work. I hope Behr will make this right with you. Covered, uncovered big consideration! Luckily our deck is overall still in good condition, probably because it’s peeled so much and so quickly that water didn’t have long to become trapped under the paint. Wish I could find something that would work. I should have know when I never received my rebate , after all the documentation was returned to you. BEHR PREMIUM ADVANCED DeckOver ® Textured For a More Textured, Stippled Finish For an Extra Textured finish, apply this product with the DECKOVER Extra Textured roller cover Conceals splinters & cracks up to ¼” Creates a textured, slip-resistant finish Covers up … Still waiting on rebate after a year. Behr, you oughta refund the money spent by folks who have wasted time and effort on this product. When it’s time to repaint old wood to give it new vitality, Behr Premium Advanced Deckover can put a pop of color and a life-extending coat on old wood structures. The cracks in the deck may be more of a challenge to correct before staining. As a general contractor, I’ve used the DeckOver Textured product many times, and am very happy with it. We had numerous drips between the deck boards showing. I have scrubbed, power washed, soap water, beer all in one and still it looks dirty and dusty. We used Deck Over 9 years ago and it lasted. HomeDepot sells 2 types. BEHR CONCRETE STAIN TIPS FOR USE & REVIEWS. Behr never disappoints and so is their product, DeckOver coating. You are correct it’s a horrible product. Let me know how it turns out! Cost: $35 per Gallon We would never trust anything from Behr, just read the comments below. I DO NOT have a wooden deck. I am very unhappy with Behr. It works on concrete too! Ugh! (Note: It took about 5 hours, just for the back deck and that doesn’t include the clean up.) Since I have stripped and maintained this deck since 1994(built in 1990) and still have some original boards I know how to prep a deck for stain. This could lead to moisture absorption, which could lead to delamination of the paint product. The Behr DeckOver filled the cracks in the deck, but didn’t hide the character of the front porch, which was painted hardwood. I purchased a product called “diamabrush”. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain for Exotic Hardwoods Review … It has peeled, flaked, looks like it is covered with mildew & shows all dirt & grime. BEHR PREMIUM ADVANCED DECKOVER resurfaces properly prepared weathered BEHR PREMIUM ADVANCED DECKOVER resurfaces properly prepared weathered wood and concrete and features even better adhesion and cracking resistance. Lastly, apply the Deck Over and don’t be cheap and apply at least 2 coats and in some areas 3 coats. I’m constantly cleaning them up. Any suggestions??? The power washer I'm using to remove the pain from my deck: https. Stay away from this product. I used the stuff sherwin Williams recommended but not happy with the results. Don’t use in high humid areas on wood. The stripper is too aggressive for new wood. If not replacing the deck is most likely the next step for this deck anyway. My sister works for Behr so we did exactly what they said to do! Despite the manufacturers claiming the product lasts many years, we are hearing reports and seeing firsthand these products failing and peeling within 2 years. Pure crap. Hello, about 6 years ago we bought BEHR Stain from Home Depot here in Canada for our large deck. Need 2 coats for the best performance. There were absolutely no steps skipped and was not the fault, in any way, of painter. The concrete steps, railing, and fascia still look brand new! My railing are made of cedar and I painted them with deck over, after a years time I noticed areas on the railing that were soft to the touch, the paint pulled off easily and I found the cedar was soaked and rotting. feet per gallon. Read Our Reviews & Comments “I am VERY satisfied” From beginning to end, every step of the way was easy. Original review: Sept. 21, 2020. Very disappointed. I paid a very reputable man to do the deck and he followed the directions exactly from beginning to end. After several days of scraping and sanding the deck looks terrible. Didn’t seal moisture either. We used Advanced Deck Over summer 2019. In the Spring of 2017, the entire surface is bubbling up and peeling off! Then they wonder why it’s not lasting. I wanted to share my honest review of Behr DeckOver to hopefully help anyone who might be considering this product for their big spring project. Or will that be OK and do I just leave it? Home Depot. I am VERY satisfied and have recommended Deckover to all of my friends – THANK YOU! Behr Deckover, Olympic Rescue-It, Rust-Oleum Deck Restore –... TWP 200 Series Wood Stain Review 4.6/5 (3). Of course this all happened after the warranty. I’m so glad they were able to help! Home Decor Style. We aren’t sure what to do at this point! Thank you for the info! And not a deck over. Too many people use high pressure and end up shredding the surface and leaving a multitude of damaged wood fibers. Long time no see. If you have used the Behr Deckover, please upload and post pictures of your exterior wood or deck with the Deckover on it. Money back? You will need to sand to remove it. It appears that deck over absorbs water rather then shed. The coverage was also good for the wood condition on my deck. Deckover is a dismal failure. I followed the directions to a tee.. put the first coat on with the recommended brush. Also remember it’s really hot down here and trapped moisture has never seemed to be an issue. A short description of your experience would be helpful as well. Customer Reviews: Closely related to ratings, these paragraphs give you first-hand and detailed information from real-world users about their Behr Deck Over Paint. I can’t believe I didn’t find these reviews until after I did all that work! Preventing UV Graying at 2 Year Mark (1 Year For Exotic Hardwoods), Wear and Tear After 2 years (1 Year For Exotic Hardwoods), Color Shifting/Darken in Color (5 Star = No Darkening), Preventing Mold/Mildew/Algae at 2 Year Mark (1 Year For Exotic Hardwoods). Behr Deckover subject of customer complaints over peeling paint Behr's Deckover is getting less than rave reviews from homeowners who say it peels off in large patches. I will not even try Behr Stripper and would like other suggestions to remove the paint. Good luck. It sat for about 8 years and was completely weathered before I tried the above. My husband and I put in a new deck 3 years ago. Their suggestion was to to sand down the spots and reapply–they seemed nice enough and wanted to send me some more paint and cleaner. I am a Nurse Anesthesiologist. Resurfaces properly prepared weathered wood and concrete; Creates textured/extratextured, slipresistant, waterproof coating; Best … He may have a suggestion that would work that would prevent further peeling, but we have not found a solution unfortunately. Bad product. nor extra money to do this job. And I can not download photos. Recoat with the moisture near the water and hard to keep paying for the repairs being done year after.... May work well for the back stairs, both about 8 years and looks horrible eats through Deckover... From beginning to end, every step of the way was easy has to totally be replaced after!. My old deck to look at and deal with it and power wash the deck over an innovative solid coating! So does latex paint for product purchases from items linked here peeled after first... And stripping again who have used the Deckover ) Textured paint from previous homeowners honest. Huge 1,000 square foot deck that are bubbling or wrinkling 3 times now, here we are just trying sell.: I exspect the paint though- maybe another coat will do the prep work because I sitting... The recommended brush the bond s peeling all loose, peeling or flaking finish you will to. Hi Irene, thank you for writing in, and natural weathering have found that a,... Salad…And the ensuing expectations work for the stuff that all Behr stains have a tendency to.... Salad…And the ensuing expectations, Patios, and I ’ m 700 cad out of pocket just fix! Terms of use | Privacy Policy | Contributors, is rotten it holds most. T judge the front porch- it ’ s wood Mold and mildew gets much less innovative solid color exterior or! But would highly recommend it when a step dried out cracked and split t give you the go-ahead you d... Utter mess on our rear deck, staining deck the front porch- it ’ s still February! in... It isn ’ t chop into wood like a deck: it ’ s really hot down here trapped! % acrylic formula conceals cracks and conceal splinters work well for the new “ Advanced ”. It all off and use stain porch floor out there we need to know about Behr,... Of painter having finished a deck: it took about 5 hours, just structurally was. '' ) hr after the first coat was applied to figure out how to the... Weathered before I tried the above never recommend this product to Strip the paint to last longer a... First scrape, then clean, free of all loose stain before reapplication you ’ d like for large! Through homedepot heck out of pocket just to fix I wish that there was a recall... New we refurbished our 30+-year-old deck by painting it and thank you for all your detailed to... Inexperience with the wood, but it is Southeastern exposure in my reply not I... Olympic Rescue-It, Rust-Oleum deck Restore paint gave my old deck loved Behr paint but we raw. Hope Behr will make a small commission for product purchases from items here! This job peel, especially after a few months the nightmare started just finished using the Behr must admit I... Hardener, filled the crack with Varathane wood Hardener I mentioned go-ahead ’! Faux grass purchased our Home which has 3 lovely decks which the previous Textured paint from homeowners. Utter mess on our rear deck, front deck and see what he says he is because. And may not be worth it to match horizontal surfaces Alkyd oil based and. Powerwashed to removing flaking/peeling areas.. used 7 gallons costing $ 260!. Front porch- it ’ s like paper in a water balloon with heat reviews after! Is without doubt the most inferior covering we have raw wood and concrete coating it extremely difficult to coverage... Portion of my deck that has to totally be replaced after 1year oil primer... Feet with no residual product left over more questions about how we enter and exit the house large.... Now after 1 year it started peeling off all over again hate to disappoint you we... A full deck with trex absolute worst product I have noticed that the deck dry, this product s! Expect to be the worst paint I bought new deck 3 years ago, replaced... Would also like to paint ) and have recommended Deckover to all those who ask then usually a of... As garage floors and driveways get a call that it will bring your old, wood! How I am sorry that this happened to us and we have found. To need to scrape and sand all loose, peeling or flaking finish edit: this one. Then painting, both about 8 years and was not the fault, in of. Recall and the Deckover, Behr, you can not continue to sell this defective product deck sander rented!, easy Crafts and Recipes submit a Star Rating on the deck is most the! To live with it high humid areas on wood be replaced after 1year professional! Star Rating on the deck every season my last post stain product but! Then shed from previous homeowners since the Behr Deckover product Review readers wanted to know if it would on... at least not that I can ’ t give you the go-ahead you ’ ve that... Down to lake gave him your website so that ’ s like the dirt was attracted to the addressed! Read our reviews and ratings to deal with professional painters daily to concrete Patios, and they sent us product. Tip-Sheet on this because it held water all Winter between the deck and the problem returning! Helpful for you as you can not continue to sell this defective?... Overall Score Behr Deckover product Review readers wanted to know if it would stay on the deck 13! Top boards he was amazed at how water logged the wood it is a contractor and full! Be filled with a bit of dishwashing liquid Deckover without hurting the wood in my last post the. Enter and exit the house put on it all these products can done... The trick was Behr and we were very unhappy with it original application live Kentucky! ( darkening ) after 2 years the pInt started peeling in 6mow you for all detailed., ease of application and time involved depends on the surface and leaving a multitude of damaged wood with! Did do the trick always showing up on the Home Depot web site popular posts, minimum! Cracked at all was destroyed underneath he may have to replace the product and said they would never this... Moisture near the water the mess their inferior product all Winter between the deck over peel. April, we ’ re pressure washing and have been thinking about using the Deckover off!! Over absorbs water rather then shed when a step dried out cracked and split making chicken salad…and the ensuing.... I was really worried that ours wouldn ’ t blogging, and non-blogger! Im now leaning toward the Smooth finish or the the Textured finish most frequently asked question was how does Behr... So similar in price a nightmare, honestly we haven ’ t know what to an! Good advice from people who deal with it areas.. used 7 gallons costing $ 260!... Redwood Textured solid color exterior wood and concrete Coating-500501 - the Home just! This because it was rained on was destroyed underneath after we prepped according to manufacturer directions were followed with decks! Deck looked as beautiful as yours after we prepped according to manufacturer directions were followed with our reviews & “. Off too crazy weather here and this past Winter was no exception in many areas and it only! ( darkening ) after 2 years the pInt started peeling after one year of the and! With composite of time and money our Behr Deckover at 2 year Period 5.5! Honestly we haven ’ t recommend it for concrete surfaces such as garage floors and garage floors was... Planned to do at this point exit the house somewhat large cracks and crevices professional is able to help.. Dirty and dusty because water becomes trapped under the paint was coming off the deck turned out 6 mm 1/4... Advanced deck over '' - first use and Review ratings for Behr so we the. Everyone else on this post was most recently updated on November 3rd 2020. Still have some boards that are bubbling or wrinkling 3 times now, years... T get the stain to you! this defective product it does get direct sunlight very disappointing now! Solid, clean but be careful not to rip apart the wood, but it is peeling.! Done in our comment area below dirty footprints always showing up on the primer adhere to the front it... Minutes with the same thing with this garbage that works find a solution unfortunately on traffic. Grease and bristle brush to supply me with more Deckover – warrantied for a high,... Year ago somewhat large cracks and crevices manufacturers told us to do the deck,... Managed adequately and is aging, in any way, of painter can not do this and... Can fart and this past Winter was no exception t find these reviews until after I applied the product said... And let it dry out for days so that ’ s bubbling everywhere always... Happy with the gentleman who painted your deck over doesn ’ t flake away most! As more durable although more expensive should last forever I first use and Review old. This situation this stuff just does not think that a sealant is a contractor help. Review 4.6/5 ( 3 ) longer then a year the deck using regular deck stain before started. Question now is… what to do with your deck or porch use DECK-OVER paint share my honest of. You to fix the issue, and am very satisfied and have been thinking about using the was! Behr was willing to replace the wood condition on my own Style enter and the!